2021-2022 Budget Reports

OPS Reports

OPS                                              as of 6/30/22 FINAL   

OPS Detail Reports                  as of 6/23/22        (Gatorlink login required)

Expenditure & Budget Reports

Expenditure Reports By Account Code, FY 2021-2022  – Includes University Libraries and FLARE

Budget Reports, FY 2021-2022  – Includes Smathers Libraries Combined Report including University / HSC Libraries / SUS Library Storage; University Libraries, and FLARE

Other Source of Funds/Project Reports

Strategic Opportunity Program (SOP Grants), Emerging Technology (ET Grants), & Other Sources of Fund (OSF):
To access the shared folder for reports, highlight and copy the link below and paste into your browser bar:

Auxiliary Revenue and Expense Reports

Auxiliary Revenue and Expense                         2/28/22

Dissertation Auxiliary Reports

Dissertation Auxiliary PDF                                 6/30/22

Dissertation Auxiliary Excel                              6/30/22

Fines and Fees Expenditures

Fines and Fees                                                      5/31/22

Unit Budget and Expense

Unit Budget and Expenses Report                  6/30/22